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Some Mounting Questions


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Figured toss you something that *didn't* touch the c side for a change there
Thanks for that lol. I dont have a problem with C programming, although my abilities are mostly around embedded mcu's and C++ not so much. I just would prefer not to have to mod the engine because then it requires that one needs to manage those mods each time an upgrade happens
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I'm wondering if your base approach is even the best option here, seems to me that much like a PC/NPC that has a variety of armour sets and your vehicle seems to be an 'upgradeable' in a similar way to the ship in darkstar one. At which point it might be better to create the extras as actual parts of the vehicle model and use mesh hiding techniques, this allows you to create better/custom collision meshes. Just a thought :)

and to hijack the thread a little from an earlier comment;

"'these things seem to have been solved by other but haven't been added to the main repo" paraphrasing sorry for that

Partly as az says there are limited numbers of active devs around at the moment, but if you have found a collection of 'solutions' be it useful mods or actual solutions to real problems that haven't been added to the main engine itself, then it would be a great help if you could make a thread and linking these. Even if you don't want to list them all, then out of self-interest post a list of ones that you think would help you and your project, and perhaps others will follow suit.

Part and parcel of small numbers of active devs are their ability to move outside of their own zones, they check out the forums here the issues on GitHub and maybe IRC channels, and they pursue their own games interests, if their game genre is different to that of yours or somebody else then the chances are they may not have even seen the problem or the solution. A list allows them to both see that a solution has been created at one point so that they don't have to re-invent the wheel while implementing a solution.

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