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Ground cover billboarding


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If I'm correct, the imposters (auto billboard) don't work for 3d shapes as groundcover objects. (I should check, but no time) Think it only works for shapes where the onload() function is called; which isn't the case for groundcover.

Thought there's a possibility to add a plane mesh to your shape as LOD and use the old BB:: technique to define it as a billboard for export to DTS. But that one as pretty old; little documentation and comes with default with axis issues (if you don't know how it works).

We added a plane mesh as the lowest LOD and used the same texture to avoid an extra draw call. It works pretty well if you have a lot of objects like grass and so on:

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And a second option; is to create 2 groundcover objects in your scene; 1 with billboards (default groundcover setting) and a second with 3d shapes. Play around with the distances and don't show the billboards until the far distance of the 3d shapes. Hope it makes sense what I've just written :lol:

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