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Changing the T3D editor menubar look


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Ahh! A normal forum for T3D :o

I'm working on a revamped Torque 3D Editor to make it easier to add new features and manage the GUI elements. Everything is going very well and I have created a new Dark theme to make it look more modern but now I can't find how to change the menubar graphic (Blueish gradient bar/button). Where are those images located, can't find anything similar in the tools images. Is it embed in the code?

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Yes I saw that a while back. Look good but it's mostly a recoloration of the existing theme. I'm working on a complete new theme with new icons and GuiCtrls assets.

Anyway, that Dark UI is still using the default menubar which make the Dark look incomplete. I guess the guy that did it didn't found also how to change the look of the menuBar. I will have a look into the source code files, maybe I will find something there. I'm not familliar with C++ gui elements, but it got to be somewhere that menubar graphic...

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Well I found nothing in source code, is it something related to my Platform (windows) library? Now I tought of why not using the T3D GuiMenuBar instead of this native menubar.

Anyone see a reason I shouldn't use the T3D GuiMenuBar? Would it still be crossplatform? For now I will keep the original menubar script intact and would make it optional to use the new Menu from GuiMenuBar (if it work fine...)

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