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Double-Precision Rendering of Large Objects in T3D


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As I mentioned in my previous post, I am attempting to render planet-sized objects in T3D. I was trying to implement a solutions based on scaling the planet, and dividing it into chunks, each of which was less than 10,000 units, but this hasnt worked.

I am now considering changing T3D's position and scaling variables for my custom "spherical terrain" object type to use F64's instead of F32's. I found this thread on the old forum:


Which seems to indicate that this involves interacting closely with the rendering layer.

My question is, how complex would this be to do? I am trying to simply render an object the size of a planet, I dont want to change the entire engine to 64-bit. This is the effect when I try to do this with the current engine:



Clearly these are 32-bit precision issues. Can anyone shed any light on the right approach here? Is it just a matter of going through the rendering system and changing F32/Point3F's to F64's/Point3D's?

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