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setActionthread vs playthread


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when they should be use?

I want to play an attack animation, playThread seems to work, but only for "attack1", for some reason the "attack2" don't play. In the shape editor I can play any animations.

bob.playThread(0, "attack1");

bob.playThread(0, "attack2");

This don't work.

bob.setActionThread( "attack1", true, true);

bob.setActionThread( attack, 1);

Can anyone how would be use this two? and example of how can use it?

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I can't give you explanationes but here are my confusing experience. I would love explanations, too

I've used and worked for the main player (class AIPlayer, 3rd person beat'em up thing)



But take in account that punch animation is a blended animation. If it were not then just walking would stop the animation. It's a pain if you want to kick.

I had problems with setActionThread doing "punch" and walking with the main char. But for NPC (class AIPlayer) this worked:

function SlimeData::onDisabled(%this, %obj, %state)


%obj.stop(); //so the death doesn't move



and also worked

function AIPlayer::do_atk(%this)




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hey @irei1as thanks!

BTW I managed the problem I did something in my animation.cs I think it was copy and renamed some animations and something screw up anyway....

I empty that file and then added all animation again, for me I don't have blend animation, I have one file per animation (.dae)


and now can do some testing from the console... just fine..


new AIPlayer(EnemyBob) { datablock="EnemyData"; position=localclientconnection.camera.getPosition(); };


EnemyBob.playThread(0, "attack1");
EnemyBob.playThread(0, "attack2");


setActionThread never work for me... I need to do more test, sure I miss something. If anyone can trow some enlightenment :roll:

@irei1as I found this links to help us

- https://www.garagegames.com/community/forums/viewthread/93571/1#comment-631013

- http://www.garagegames.com/community/forums/viewthread/75574/1#comment-706009

- http://www.garagegames.com/community/forums/viewthread/1479

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