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What I should do when I found engine issues?


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I have been working with T3D for years now and I never reported issues I found. Most are minor but I still think they should be fixed in the engine for future. Where I should report those? Here, on GitHub or on GG forum?

For example, I'm currently experimenting for the first time with GuiMenuBar and just found a minor issue with GuiMenuBar::ClearMenus:

From Online Reference:

void GuiMenuBar::clearMenus	(	int 	param1,
int 	param2	 
Clears all the menus from the menu bar.

// Inform the GuiMenuBar control to clear all menus from itself.

You can see tro parameters in function: param1, and param2. Unline the example clearMenus(); don't work, it required the 2 unused parameters. (clearMenus("",""); works fine. I had a look into the code and found this:

DefineEngineMethod( GuiMenuBar, clearMenus, void, ( S32 param1, S32 param2),,
  "@brief Clears all the menus from the menu bar.\n\n"
  "// Inform the GuiMenuBar control to clear all menus from itself.\n"
  "@see GuiTickCtrl")

I don't know why those 2 parameters are there but they should be removed...

So, how and where I should report this? I have some others to report.

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I should note that with bug reports, unless the code is obviously wrong, we'd really appreciate instructions on how to reproduce the issue, with stock script templates like Empty or Full if possible. It means we can more quickly validate the problem/solution than having to work it out ourselves!

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