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T3D 4.x UX/UI Makeover (WIP)


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I'm working on a UX/UI makeover for Torque 3d 4.x. This will include changes of the current user experience design and  modification of GUIs.

While in the past a theme to copy & paste in the project folder was sufficient, now some changes on the engine side are inevitable to get the wanted results.

The aim of this initiative is to:

  • get the most optimal UX with the least impact to the existing code 
  • serve new/certain users with a recognizable layout & visual language (equity)
  • improve readability & usability, as well simplification where possible (accessibility)
  • improve visual appearance & aesthetics / implement graphic design principles
  • serve veteran users with certain long time request regarding UX

On the side I will also do/add:

  • hints/proposals to visual identity (logo, style, typography etc.)
  • add certain functionality in the editors
  • solve bugs & issues that hinder the development of this project

Limitations and things to consider are:

  • no replacement of current UI framework
  • current GUIs all have a relatively fixed design
  • unable to get a full responsive design because of above 2
  • limited time scope
  • "Take it or leave approach" for release(s) 

My apologies up front; I do not have time for: debates, writing extensive blogs, discussing or defending certain design styles or aesthetics. Each person has his own taste and preferences. While serving as much as users possible is equity playing an important role within this initiative; For example some users prefer tabs with text and technical terms for labels, but others with less linguistic skills (or not native English speaking etc.) prefer icons and simplification & clarification of the text. Eventually it is my task to find the balance and optimal outcome for all - this within the limited time scope I have!

As a longtime user of the T3D engine myself (since version 1.2, with the latest 4y dev game published here with a custom 3.5+), being a graphic designer by profession, and recently doing further specializations in UX design; do I think I'm able to contribute something solid, God willing.

Cheers, Nils


Dev branch: https://github.com/Eikelenboom/Torque3d-UI-MakeOver

Releases (including binaries): https://github.com/Eikelenboom/Torque3d-UI-MakeOver/releases


Please remember this is a work in progress!

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Looking good!. couple quickie notes:
On the ao|rough|metal RGBA bit: That's the channel of the input texture to look up when feeding it in.

https://github.com/TorqueGameEngines/Torque3D/blob/development/Templates/BaseGame/game/core/gameObjects/datablocks/defaultDatablocks.tscript#L19-L63 for the default particle and emitter names to fall back to.

For the profiler, that's a start/stop sample, so might suggest adding a profile 30 seconds button if it's one intended to be clicked for an "immediate" dump.

Should have the other end we'd discussed rolled in some time this week.

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Thanks Az!  👍


For the profiler, that's a start/stop sample, so might suggest adding a profile 30 seconds button if it's one intended to be clicked for an "immediate" dump.

Yeah, that's why it's dumping twice (another time when hitting the button 2nd time) but indeed, the 1st dump isn't useful and confusing. Thanks!

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