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T3D 4.x UX/UI Makeover (WIP)


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On 2/15/2023 at 7:35 AM, Azaezel said:

Good it's fixed! Thanks Az!

There's no index available so the user has to guess which color is what. If the lines are this thick for clarity then I think it's less effective as you would think in the short run; (of course after a while it may become obvious). Therefore I recommend to keep the thickness therefore 1 or 2 pixels max so that those who use the specific color as a reference can observe it and doesn't take away the professional style of the engine's interface. A thin line also doesn't cause too much distraction from the key element which is the preview or icon of the asset.

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43 minutes ago, Azaezel said:

we got specific complaints that the lines were too thin to make out

mmm, probably have to examine what is the cause that. It may have to do with resolutions and monitor/screen sizes. The actual size (inches) is impossible to get so in this case the best (quick) option would be to draw a colored bar on the top or bottom of the preview instead of a whole frame. Around 5px in height would do well and without distracting the key element (preview/icon)

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