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Elements not visible within GuiTreeViewCtrl


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Hey guys,

I just played around a bit with Gui Controls and now used the "GuiTreeViewCtrl" which seems best for my XML Editor GUI I try to create. Using this Container Control was okay while adding buttons and Text Labels (Controls).

But when I call the API of the GuiTreeViewCtrl for inserting an item


XmlEditorGui.insertItem(0, "FirstItem", "100");


The item gets inserted which I evaluated with some echoes and calling "getItemValue(1)" function but I do not see any elements in the Gui itself like the adding of buttons etc did.

I'm sure I'm missing something here. Can you guys tell me what little trick I need to do to actually see that tree structure?

EDIT: I thought about hooking onto the event for adding an item and then dynamically add a GuiTextCtrl with the values of that added field - but I could not find an event for the adding of an item, only one for removing.

Greets Charlie!

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