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[Done] 'Board index'


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Well I said I wanted the image in the top-left linked, which would make sense. But if we can't do that then IMO having the home link where it was is fine.

Also, any chance we could remove the category link? For example, where it now says

Forums > General > General

Wouldn't it be better to just have

Forums > General

Where the last link is the actual forum, not the category? Until we have a toooon of categories, I reckon it's just more noise...

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Forums(Board Index) > General(Category) > General(Forum)

Can't be changed.

And I personally don't want the breadcrumbs to be fooled with since they're very useful to figuring out where you are in the forum in case you need to know since the URL doesn't present you the actual positional hierarchy where you're currently viewing so the breadcrumbs are the only way to know that.

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