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New Project Template (Directory Question)


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I have created a new template for my projects in T3D. I created this new template mainly for organizational purposes, in preparation for modular development. Basically the template moves things around so that the root directory isn't so cluttered and only contains 'mod' folders that contain a main.cs file.

Anyways, to fully complete this template I would like to have Torque respect my new directory structure when compiling the .exe. My root directory is no longer named 'game', and in addition I have a couple of directories that are equal to the root.

Where can I tell Torque to build in the new directory? Normally, if you compile the project's .exe Torque will create the new folder 'game' and place the .exe inside it. I want to tell Torque to create a different folder name, basically. If possible, it would also be nice to have Torque create some other directories at this same time.

Can anyone offer guidance? I use CMake to generate the project if that's important.

To be clear, in the solution's Output Directory field for ALL_BUILD there are variables:


I need to know if there is a configuration file similar to torque.rc or torqueConfig.h where these variables are adjusted. For the project itself, it's easy enough to just input a new path...but I also want to create a new path in the same directory as root. Like where the 'source' folder is now I want to add a 'docs' folder.

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EDIT: Barking up the wrong tree, still searching for a way to configure new template.

EDIT2: It appears the new directory alongside source/ might be able to just simply be included in the template.

I am still doing some work on the template, but at this point my problem appears to be more of a "learn to build a new template with CMake" issue than a "learn to build with Torque" one. lol. :lol:

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