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Skyline Object support?


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Hello all,

Just saw the SkylineObject from Richard Marrevee/Richard's Game Studio. This looks like an awesome addition to T3D, and I can already think of some perfect applications for it in my project (particularly showing distant areas that the player has been, or can/will get to, to serve as landmarks, etc. etc.

On his website, he specifically notes that it works for 3.5. Of course, we're a bit beyond that, now, and with the changes coming with upcoming versions, should the Skyline system still work? Or, to anyone's knowledge, would any changes coming to T3D break it?

Just curious if it's something I should purchase or not, as I'm not a programmer, so if it doesn't work then I'd be SOL heh.


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Hmm, I hadn't noticed mention of open source. I saw that he had other addons (volumentric fog, etc) as open source, but he'd noted that skyline was the only one he was specifically charging for. Might have missed an update elsewhere.


Maybe you can write, to see what have to say.


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