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Axis problems with rigged makehuman models through blender->dae


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you need more than that, I am atm working on ETLegacy models and have discover why we dont get our meshes to work with the animations.

you actually have to bind your mesh to the skeleton in the stupid pose he stands in.. if you move the skeleton you will brake ground pose for animations and it will not work.

Not turning back to Torque, but I just dropped in to tell you.

Greets from the ET guy!

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Thanks for jumping in, guys!

@Shandy6661: Nice try, and certainly a relevant issue, but I was having problems before I even got to the issue of trying to load anims, I wasn't even getting a TPose. But as a matter of fact, the problem you mention is indirectly related to the problem I was having - when you load a character from Collada, even if you have the exact same rig as a character you created and saved as a dts, your animations from the one will not work on the other, because of the way the Torque Collada handles (or doesn't handle) the change from left to right handedness. (Somebody please correct me if this is no longer accurate.) Trying to fix that problem was what got me into the mess that started this thread, but for my own purposes I think I have it sidestepped so I don't so much care anymore. (In MegaMotion, I'm going to use BVH as my go-to format for converting anims from one rig to another, and therefore won't have to deal with trying to share the same dsq files.)

@thunder: Nice, I never even knew there was a retro Wolfenstein project out there! Sounds like fun!

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