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animation of robot arm


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I have a simple robot arm which consists of a rotating base, a lower arm which is a child of the base and an upper arm which is a child of the lower arm. I created key-frame animation for each section and exported the animation as separate files.

I am now trying to get things to work correctly in T3D with little success.

When I play a lower arm animation it always turns the rotating base to a default position which is not what I want. When I move the upper arm it always moves the base and the lower arm to default positions. I have tried using the Blend feature when creating the sequences in the shape editor, but this does not appear to change anything.

Any help / suggestions will be appreciated.

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First be sure for the animation ("blendable" animation) to be tagged as a blend animation. You can change that in the shape editor.


If I remember correctly you need a "root" animation for the Blend sequence. I did that sequence just a pair of frames of all the bones "keyframed" from the starting pose.

The "blendable" animation has the not moving bones the same as how appear for the "root".

Hmm, I don't remember in you have to keyframe all the bones or just the moving bones for the "blendable" animation. I'll check later.

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I've checked and it seems how you keyframe doesn't matter but I think I've found your issue.

You need for the threds to be in different slots, that's:

robot.playThread(0, "rotation");

robot.playThread(1, "movearm");

If you use the same slot you destroy the previous animation (rotation in your case) so you don't have a base to blend and just plays the animation.

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