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How do I update my game to Torque3d 3.9


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Hello, Iv been working on my game and I'm using Torque3d 3.51, and I want to start using 3.9, How do I update my project to 3.9

I'm using the rpg start kit, and its only made for 3.51, and I'm not sure how to update it to 3.9

can someone help me with this, because Iv tried to update to 3.9 but when I compile in visual studio I get like 400 errors lol. Thanks :)

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3.9 functions fine, but there were some rendering bugs and the like that slipped past testing for the release. We're hammering all those out for the next update which should be wrapping soon, as it was mostly about fixups and the like.

You can update to 3.9, then grab 3.10 which will be a much smaller change than going from 3.5 to 3.9, or you can just wait for 3.10 to land first.

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