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Extended GuiObjectView


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Extended GuiObjectView v1.0

An extension to the GuiObjectView class by Will o' Wisp Games.

Extended Features

• Sub-mesh visibility states

• Sub-mesh skinning support

• Extended camera

Tech Blog

For more information about the development of this resource check out our blog:

Extended GuiObjectView Blog Post


Extended GuiObjectView on Github


Source Code:

1 - Backup your existing "source\T3D\guiObjectView.h" and "source\T3D\guiObjectView.cpp" files.

2 - Replace "source\T3D\guiObjectView.h" and "source\T3D\guiObjectView.cpp" with the updated files provided.

3 - Recompile. A successful update of the GuiObjectView class will allow the script functions to be used.


An example script file has been provided, which can be initialized with the other .gui scripts in "scripts\client\init.cs" (as of T3D 3.9, when 4.0 hits expect filepaths for scripts to change). The example script will cause any GuiObjectView control named 'PreviewGui' to automatically reset its camera's position when the control's onWake() is called. It is recommended that this script be included to promote a better understanding of the resource and how it is used from script.


MIT Licensed under the original license included with Torque3D.

No clauses, no additions, no requirements. Enjoy the resource.

If you find this resource helpful you can thank us or show your support by leaving feedback or suggestions on our blog.

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Hi guys, I finally got the Extended GuiObjectView uploaded to GitHub. The way I'm organizing community resources moving forward is dropping only the relevant files into their own branch of the /resources repository. I have a separate branch that is nothing more than the current master branch of Torque3D, which could potentially be used for PR's.

It's been an extremely busy month but I did want to finally get this resource out there and lay the groundwork for more sharing in the future. As much a project-specific resource as this is, the provided source code and scripts have had to be created especially for the community. As such, there are some quality of life updates I hadn't managed to include here just yet. Here's what's on the list:


• Ideally I would like to share a quick vid of these features in action.

• More script examples are planned to better demonstrate usage of sub-mesh visibility and material functions.

• As a bonus, I do plan on supplying a simple example model for usage with this GuiObjectView for debugging.

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