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How many changes



Hello community!

I don't use T3D for many years. Last version I used is T3D 1.2. So 10 years gone.

I downloaded, check and make a tutorial in the new version of T3D 4. It's amazing!

I looked many things have changed. However file extensions were changed too.

My question: can I upgrade my old game from T3D 1.2 to T3D 4?

Also does T3D 4 support UAISK?

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Probably worth looking over the module repoitory: https://github.com/orgs/Torque3DResources/repositories
The old FPSGameplay example is not perfectly broken down into swappable bits, but there's progress on that front.
(They're also listed in the project manager https://github.com/TorqueGameEngines/ProjectManager/releases)
On the 1.2 to 4.x series alts, we do actually have a converter wizard for taking old .cs files with direct file location listings and upconverting them to the new asset system, but it does presume what you drop is the new file layout\, aka your game code in the new /data/ directory in one ore more modules.

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It's probably not that bad, but the engine, or the template is modular now and from the instructions I read you can probably just turn your game into a module, but I have not tried so far.

My usual upgrade procedure was to make a manual code comparison of the new template with the old template to see what has been changed and then eventually include that change in my game, but the template is now deleted. The script files and functions are probably still there so you could look them up manually and see if anything was changed, but this is really a lot of work and not a long term solution.

I would isolate my changes, turn them into modules and then load them into the new template system, but in my case that is quite a lot, would probably require a rewrite of my whole game, that is why I have not done it so far.


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