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Sane datablock network packing


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An issue that @Azaezel encountered with 64bit builds is some data shenaningans lead to corruption and cause explosions. While tracking through that, we noted some ugly pointer voodoo in some spots in the networking in game object classes - specfically pertaining to datablocks - to do some trickery to pass around the datablock ID. It largely works, but is unreliable and just generally a poor approach to passing around the datablock IDs.

Branch: https://github.com/Areloch/Torque3D/tree/DBPacingWIP

So, the above branch is a WIP testing some cleanup to cut down on the ugly pointer usage, which is to use some functions already in the engine to get the datablock ID and pack it to stream in a cleaner way.

All you need to do is merge it in, and ensure that you don't spot any odd behavior, errors, or stuff failing to reference/spawn. If you do note any issues, please post logs, what objects/datablocks tripped it up.

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