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Possible bug with guiTextCtrl


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Im not sure if Ive ran into a bug here with the setText() method for guiTextCtrl but I am using one as a currency display and when I am adding larger numbers the text gets messed up.


function increaseCurrency(%amount)
%dollars = someScriptObject.currency;
%current = %dollars + %amount;
currencyTextGui.setText("$" @ %current);	


So I call something like this:

currencyTextGui.setText("$" @ 1532500*2);

and the result that gets printed looks like this:


Am I doing something wrong here? This is with stock 3.6.2.

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Torque truncates things with more than 6 decimal places (just rotate stuff in the editors and call their transform) I think to keep everything easy for sending over a server to remote clients. I'm pretty sure that there is a way to get around this for TS ... but I can't remember what it is ... which isn't terribly helpful ... :/

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Actually, this is simpler than my suggestion above; ignore the first half. Just define a new console function that returns a string formatted hw you like. Here's an example of returning a string. As for formatting, I'd recommend getting the integer part, and the fractional part (to 2 DP) separately and concatenating them using dSprintf.

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