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Fading Gui Controls


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Fading Gui Controls

A collection of new gui control classes that support fading via custom rendering code and script commands. Created by Will o' Wisp Games.

New Classes

• GuiFadingBitmapButtonCtrl : Gui button control with an image that will fade in and out.

• GuiFadingBitmapCtrl : Gui control with an image that will fade in and out. Includes child controls.

• GuiFadingButtonCtrl : Gui button control that will fade in and out. Only for buttons with no image, using profiles to 'fill' the color and borders.

Tech Blog

For more information about the development and usage of this resource check out its tech blog: Fading Gui Controls Blog Post


Fading Gui Controls on Github


Source Code:

1 - Create a new directory "source\gui\fading\".

2 - Copy the provided source files into the new directory.

3 - Open your project and add the new 'fading' filter under "torque3d\gui\" to mirror the new directory.

4 - Right-click the new 'fading' filter and choose 'Add Existing Item' from the dropdown. Go ahead and add each of the 4 new source files.

5 - Recompile. A successful install will allow the new classes to be used and their fadeIn() and fadeOut() functions called from script.


MIT Licensed under the original license included with Torque3D.

No clauses, no additions, no requirements. Enjoy the resource.

If you find this resource helpful you can thank us or show your support by leaving feedback or suggestions on our blog.

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You are very welcome.

Videos will be coming soon™. This is on my very long list of things 'todo' by mid-October. I'm basically coming up for air just long enough to bang out some community resources and play a couple PC games before diving back into fullspeed gamedev.

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