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How scene is rendered in DOOM and GTA V


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Some nice articles showing how scenes are rendered in DOOM and GTA V


thank you for sharing those links man, I always like everything related to the game engine of Id however I never used. Following you post I would share and recommend a good page related to this.

- Doom3 BFG Documentation

- Doom3 BFG Source Code Review

- Doom3 Source Code Review

BTW this site have a lot of good information and code review of different games go open source.

Source: http://fabiensanglard.net/

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Love that dude's breakdown blogs. They're super informative.

And yeah, Doom's hybrid forward/deferred approach is really interesting. The biggest negatives of deferred rendering is a) translucency handling and high GPU bandwidth costs. Them having most rendering in forward helps deal with both of those limits pretty neatly, without giving up the ability to do post processing effects entirely.

Those id guys be smart, yo.

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