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can we have a creative subforum?


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Like title said, can we have a creative subforum?? is not the same like show-off. Is some pics or videos where you can show from stuff that you did.

For example, on show-off you can show videos of your game, or some prototype, but in creative you show a video with some animation, or some particle effect... or just a pic with a nice landscape, is like a brainstorming if you know what I mean.

Just a thought, it will help the newcomer know what can he do

See this, You might get the idea


how is the tag of youtube? :lol: where I can see all the tags?

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I think I need a little more elaboration.. Everything you are proud of goes in Show-off.

Show-off is much like blogs, except you don't have to write text for it.. You can just enjoy boosting your ego :P

Made a fancy fireball`? -> Show-off

Made a cool new AI? -> Show-off

Made a new octopus model? -> Show-off

Need to know whether your fancy fireball needs "awesomeness" flag set to true to be awesome? -> Rendering

Need help getting your AI to work? -> C++ or TorqueScript

Need to know how to import your new octopus model? -> Content

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