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Laptop issues


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Game keeps ignoring all my GPUs even when i set the nvidia gpu to be the only one switched on (even my battery was begging for mercy after 10 minutes).

Cant find the pastebin post since i did on a guest acct on laptop itself, but the upshot is that it was loading the null driver, and then dying, i'll post log later.

Ive tried all of the conventional methods, and they don't appear to work, so any suggestions to fix this before i push it to github as a real issue would be nice.

edit: i still think an actual issues page on the forum might be useful, since i dont really think operator failures should be posted to github issues

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Oops, win 10 64, probably cheapass home version.

Of the few programs that did act up adding them to the nvidia whitelist did the trick, why this isnt the case for my compiled torque project i dont really know, been busy with other stuff so haven't yet had time to investigate and document further

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