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change groundcover via script


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hi there,

here a little video of my try on changing groundcover with torque 3d:


its not finished - just an idea from me.

what i need is to set the player to the position of the brush :)

thanks a lot!



PS: im not klicking anything - it shows the material automatically by code - im just moving around with the view ;)

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Hi Guys,

after working endless i found the key function... how to change material on a specific Position - but im not ready now with it ...


void TerrainEditor::on3DMouseDown(const Gui3DMouseEvent & event)
   getRoot()->showCursor( false );
   if(mTerrainBlocks.size() == 0)
   if (!dStrcmp(getCurrentAction(),"paintMaterial"))
      Point3F pos;
      TerrainBlock* hitTerrain = collide(event, pos);
      // Set the active terrain
      bool changed = mActiveTerrain != hitTerrain;
      mActiveTerrain = hitTerrain;
      if (changed)
         Con::executef(this, "onActiveTerrainChange", Con::getIntArg(hitTerrain->getId()));
            //mCursorVisible = false;
         mMousePos = pos;
   else if ((event.modifier & SI_ALT) && !dStrcmp(getCurrentAction(),"setHeight"))
      // Set value to terrain height at mouse position
      GridInfo info;
      getGridInfo(mMouseBrush->getGridPoint(), info);
      mSetHeightVal = info.mHeight;
      mBrushChanged = true;
   mMousePlane.set( mMousePos, Point3F(0,0,1) );
   mMouseDown = true;
   mSelectionLocked = false;
   mUndoSel = new Selection;
   mCurrentAction->process(mMouseBrush, event, true, TerrainAction::Begin);
   // process on ticks - every 30th of a second.
   Sim::postEvent(this, new TerrainProcessActionEvent(mMouseDownSeq), Sim::getCurrentTime() + 30);


now i just have to get it running :)

if you can help me please answer 8)



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here a cool thing - this is the solution:


void TerrainEditor::processAction(const char* sAction)
   if(!checkTerrainBlock(this, "processAction"))
   TerrainAction * action = mCurrentAction;
   if (dStrcmp(sAction, "") != 0)
      action = lookupAction(sAction);
         Con::errorf(ConsoleLogEntry::General, "TerrainEditor::cProcessAction: invalid action name '%s'.", sAction);
   if(!getCurrentSel()->size() && !mProcessUsesBrush)
   mUndoSel = new Selection;
   Gui3DMouseEvent event;
      action->process(mMouseBrush, event, true, TerrainAction::Process);
      action->process(getCurrentSel(), event, true, TerrainAction::Process);
   // check if should delete the undo
      submitUndo( mUndoSel );
      delete mUndoSel;
   mUndoSel = 0;


this code makes all you need!

and call it from torque script like this:




but it needs some specific things i didnt know at the moment but it has to do like this!

So stay tuned and good luck!!!



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Hello there,

okay - its almost perfect - just have to move the brush position - but its working:


//Set the Brush size here - not necessary
 ETerrainEditor.setBrushSize(30, 30);
//Read the index from a specific material - in this case the material with name "sand"
   %matIndex = ETerrainEditor.getMaterialIndex( "sand" );
//Here set the paint material and paint it - "test" is in this case the name of your terrain
   ETerrainEditor.setPaintMaterial(%matIndex, "test" ); 


i hope i could help you 8-)

the only thing to do is the brush position .... but thats all you need - you dont have to make anything with c++ ;)

so thanks a lot!

Greetings Robert

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Okay now,

i get it 8-)

So for change the groundcover (here the terrain Material which can layered by Groundcover) from torquescript do the following (without c++):

go to the file "EditorGui.ed.gui" in the folder "tools/worldEditor/gui" and change the line:


processUsesBrush = "0";




processUsesBrush = "1";


then go to "scripts/server/" and create a File - name it "grass.cs" with the following content:


function grass(%this) {
   //Make the size of the brush
   ETerrainEditor.setBrushSize(2, 2);
   //Set the Shape of the brush
   //Change "grass1" to the material you like
   %matIndex = ETerrainEditor.getMaterialIndex( "grass1" );
   //Change "test" to a terrain id you like
   ETerrainEditor.setPaintMaterial(%matIndex, "test"); 
   //%curPos = LocalClientConnection.Player.getPosition();
   //%x = getword(%curPos, 0);  
   //%y = getword(%curPos, 1);  
   //%pZ = getword(%trans, 2);   
   //ETerrainEditor.processAction(%pX, %pY, %pZ, "paintMaterial");
   //ETerrainEditor.setBrushPos(getWord(%curPos, 0) + %x, getWord(%curPos, 1) + %y);
   //Run the thing
   //$eventID = schedule(230,0,grass); 


please recognize that the Comments are important for make the brush pos to the player ...

Then add a entry in "scriptExec.cs" with the folder "scripts/server/" somewhere in the file:




Okay now you can add a material texture with run the command "grass();"

in the console (can be opened with "^" in game).

There is a thing to get the Ground of the Player to be changed ->

From C++ it works with some arguments...

But it should do it also with the TorqueScript -> therefore is a function:


%curPos = LocalClientConnection.Player.getPosition();
   %x = getword(%curPos, 0);  
   %y = getword(%curPos, 1);  
   //%pZ = getword(%trans, 2);  
ETerrainEditor.setBrushPos(getWord(%curPos, 0) + %x, getWord(%curPos, 1) + %y);


But its not working in my case :/

I get the following error:


scripts/server/grass.cs (19): ETerrainEditor::setBrushPos - wrong number of arguments (got 4, expected min 3 and max 3).


maybe someone could help me here :roll:

but thats the way how to do it without C++ ;)



PS: As soon as it works perfect ill make a bigger tutorial - but i think im not getting it without c++ :roll:

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