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I'm starting with few video tutorials, but I need feedback from the community about this kind of tutorials, is a good idea doing something like this?

The main idea of this, to teach one or maybe two thing in one short video, do something with 5min maybe 10min or less... and :oops: without talking :lol: I don't want to edit to much the video or something, if a video need a more explanation I will use the description section in the video or write something in the wiki and point to the link.

Of course will cover the editors, the scripting, AI and It will be from basic to more advanced stuff.

Introduction Tutorials


Introduction Terrain Editor


Introduction Artist Guide


Introduction Sketch Tool


Introduction navigation editor




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I was just saying that most tutorial have some person talking so it is easier to understand, at least the good tutorials have that, silent tutorials are most times the amateurish ones.


Hmmm I get it Duion, I gave my reasons.... I prefer to return what I learned to the community, instead do not share it. Please only constructive critics....

You see youtube lately??.... see this

on how you develop a game.... :D hope you learn something... :lol: :lol:

Anyway thx for the comments Duion

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