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Couple thoughts about Sketch Tool


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Just wanted to post a couple thoughts here, quick, about the Sketch tool in T3D.

I've been working with it, and love how quickly you can rough out objects and shapes, etc.

While working with it, a couple things seemed odd about how editing the objects works.

1. The 'Split Edge' (or is it face?) tool. The effect of the tool is a lot like a mix of a "split polygon" and "chamfer edge" tool in a 3D modeling app, right down to the ability to "bevel" multiple times to get a more rounded edge. All it's missing (seemingly) is the ability to select the specific edge(s) you're working on. Is there any plans to expand on this tool in a future release? If so, I think adding the ability to specify which edge(s) you want to "bevel" would be a great addition. Also, the "face split" tool could become its own tool, so you can split the face horizontally or vertically; this could make something like, say, creating steps or something like that alot easier.

2. A kind of coordinate or "size" label showing the dimensions of a new object is when selected, particularly in the orthographic views. Hammer Editor, and some other editors I've worked with have had this,and it takes the guess work out of making sure you're creating objects to the desired dimensions...less eyeballing required.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on that!

Thanks for reading.

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