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DirectX 11 support (Windows SDK Version)


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Not sure why I am finding this so hard to resolve, but I am having trouble figuring out which version of d3dcompiler_47.dll to include when testing our project. It's based on 3.10, and I need to support DirectX 11. Basically I think I just need to know which version of the windows SDK to download so I can grab the right version of the d3dcompiler_47.dll file.

If it matters, the specific problem I am having is D3DReflect returning an invalid argument error. I am pretty sure this is because I have the wrong version of the .dll included.

If someone could let me know which version of the windows SDK I need, or set me straight if I am totally off base, I would appreciate the help.


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Yeah in short the requirement for the old june 2010 dx sdk was kept because the d3d9 gfx device is using a lot of d3dx functions that microsoft have removed when they released the windows sdk and merged the dx sdk into, since d3d9 is going to be removed in the next version, it was a waste of time changing the d3d9 gfx device to not use the d3dx functions.

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