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Not clear on x64


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I've read the article on the wiki regarding compiling a 64 bit build of T3D, but not entirely clear on a couple of items on this list.


"go into the DLL project, and remove the asm files from platform/ and math/. They are not currently compatible with a 64bit environment."

Does this mean functionality available in x86 on the TS side of things will not be in the finished product?


"Any additional plugins such as physics will need to have the appropriate 64-bit includes and libs as well."

So I've been told I'm not the smartest guy on the block :lol:

What I do gather is that there are libraries that certain addons rely on that are only present in the distributed version of T3D's source in their 32 bit form.

Plugins are the options available when doing the compilation in CMAKE? (Like Bullet, etc, memory's a bit foggy and away from computer for a couple of days)

So hypothetically if I weren't selecting any of those options I wouldn't have to worry about anything? I presume C++ resources available throughout the web would be in good working order *unless* they had includes in their code to the defunct libs?

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I think some parts of the wiki are just not updated recently. You can just CMake and select your compiler x64 and build without problems.

Tested latest commit with VS2015 x64..


..otherwise submit a Github issue if you have trouble building with some of the custom options enabled.

Hope that helps.

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