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Is this possible ?


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Hi T3D fellows :D

I am making a game about magic and mages clans, the game will use Torque Script.

There is many tutorials, but i didn't found one that was dealing with player inputs to help me.

The mage is from a model from a store and is able to levitate and walk above the air, how can i do that ?

Something i don't understand is how to deal with mages projectiles hitting another mage, how do i know when they are hit ?

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Jetpack should work fine, is there some examples ?

The game will also have different monster types, some will be able to taunt, others will be able to hide and seek the player mage, some others will be able to throw some poison trap on the floor.

How it is done with scripting ? Must i use T3D functionnalities like the jetpack, or can it be made from scratch ?

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It is in the code, you have to search for it.

Here is an example of the player datablock entries needed:


Also look above for the particles needed.

Then you need a function to activate it:


And then bind it to a key:


Not guaranteed to work, just an example, I commented it out since I have no use for it in my game yet.

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