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Building a Library of Images for Everyone

Eric Matyas

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Hi everyone,

I've been building a library of images that you are welcome to use in your projects. They are all original...all my own work. I think a lot of them could be made into cool textures for games. All I ask is to be attributed as indicated on my homepage:


The images are on my "TXR" pages.

I'm adding new ones all the time, so be sure to check back often. I sincerely hope that some of them are useful. Any and all constructive feedback is welcome and always appreciated. :-)

All the best,


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You probably already know my critique:

1. The seamless textures have too many repeating patterns, as if you stamped half the image with the same part of the texture.

They are not all bad, there are actually quite some good ones, but inbetween some not so nice ones stand out.

2. The license is very complicated, using a creative commons license would help people a lot, since they are used a lot and people are familar with them and also they are easier to understand.

I think Kevin MacLeod also uses CC-BY license, I used his music already.

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