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Color selectors using different color values?


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Hello, again,

Just noticed something else that seems odd, to me anyway. Not sure if it's intentional or not, but here goes.

I noticed when working with the settings for the overall "thelevel" info that different color values are used between the canvasClearcolor and fogColor options.

Fog Color appears to use values from 0.00 to 1.00, while canvasClearColor uses 0-255. I noticed this because I was experimenting with the colors and wanted to see different effects, including if I made both of those values the same.

Is there a specific reason why each uses a different method? If not, is it possible to change each to use the 0-255 in a future build? Or even with the option for hexadecimal, etc? Maintaining that consistency could make it easier for designers/artists to make sure they're matching colors correctly, etc. In my personal opinion, either replacing or augmenting the "0.00-1.00" system that seems to pervade T3D's options would be a good idea. Having to tweak numbers 2 or 3 decimal places down to get an accurate result is awfully fidgity lol.


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