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Area Fog effect using particle emitter


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Hello again,

Back with another question.

I'm working on trying to create a kind of "volumetric fog"-like effect in T3D. The kind where you see the light puffs of fog/cloud in the air as you're running through an area, or maybe on the surface of a lake or something.

If you recall the effect in the old TGE/TGEA "Mars" demo, where it's that sandstorm kind of effect, something like that, which is spread over a large/defined area. Only I want the particles to move a lot more slowly, of course.

Checking the documentation has gotten me part way there, but there's limitations I've run into. It seems that, aside from the "offset" option (which doesn't get the effect I'm after), there's no way to make it not originate from a single point. I also can't get the lifetime long enough to make it float for very far before it disappears. The only way to do that, it seems, is to increase its speed, and that would work against the effect I'm after.

Any other documentation other than on the official site that goes into this at any depth? I've not been able to find anything else that's been useful to what I'm trying to do.


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I have a sandstorm effect in Uebergame using the precipitation feature that normally does rain, is that what you want?


If it's a very slow-moving sandstorm, then yes, that sounds like it might work. I hadn't considered using precipitation in that way. Clever!

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You can make it as fast as you want, the only problem I had with it was that the particles needed to be big and then you could sometimes see them clipping into the groupd which is ugly, but with clever color adjustments you can get rid of it, or with small particles you needed a lot of particles which impacted speed negatively.

So you have to try out different setups.

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