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Having trouble downloading of the website


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Hello, I was wandering if anyone is having problems downloading on the http://www.garagegames.com/ website, I have stuff That I payed for and when I go to my downloads I get an error page.

Not Found

The requested URL /72d319b6c8f288047a17fbdb22c84564587c7c540003f17cd84c/rpg_engine_toolkit/RPG_Engine_Full.zip was not found on this server.

Apache/2.0.61 (Win32) SVN/1.4.5 DAV/2 Server at localhost Port 80

What dose this mean? Thank You

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Hello, unfortunately GarageGames, while being the creators of Torque3D, has released it to the public and thus the two are not connected anymore, so I'd suggest you contact them directly.

It seems their website is down, so I can't help you with how to find it unfortunately, I hope someone else can help you out. Alternatively, you could try and see if you can find the email for the content-creator and contact him directly.

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