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Hello I'm getting an error


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Hello I have added some game models and some textures, and now I'm getting an error and when I try to click retry It closes my Torgue 3d project. I was up really late last night and I dont remember what I added, is there away to tell so I dont get this error? This error shows when Im making a new terrain and new material. Here is what it says;

DDSFile::getSurfaceSize-invalid compressed Texture format, we only Support DXT1-5 Right Now.

Line 185 file ddsLoader.cpp

Please Help :)

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Looks like you have a terrain material or texture that uses a currently unsupported version of DDS.

I'd take a look at any new DDS image files you added as a start. Once you know what new DDS's were added, you can etiher open them up and figure out the formatting to ensure they're the right kind, or maybe just simply try temporarily removing them to isolate the one causing you problems.

Once you know which one it is, you should be able to just resave it in the appropriate format and be good to go.

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