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cubemap code for version 4xx


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this is just the basics for you inexperienced yet inquirious types .

thats hard to read ? anyway . youll see that the images are the image asset files (made when you import the images). UEB is the module in my case . and see the material created in the TSCRIPT (lower part) . so get the names right in the asset file (upper part).





    AssetName="sky_day_01_skymat"//-------------------||  ASSET FILE     ||-----

    scriptFile="@assetFile=sky_day_01.tscript"//------||  TSCRIPT FILE   ||-----

    materialDefinitionName="sky_day_01_Mat"//---------||  MATERIAL NAME  ||-----

    VersionId="1" />


singleton CubemapData( sky_day_01_Cubemap )
   cubeMapFaceAsset[0] = "ueb:sky_day_01_east_image"; //right
   cubeMapFaceAsset[1] = "ueb:sky_day_01_west_image"; //left
   cubeMapFaceAsset[2] = "ueb:sky_day_01_south_image"; //back
   cubeMapFaceAsset[3] = "ueb:sky_day_01_north_image"; //front
   cubeMapFaceAsset[4] = "ueb:sky_day_01_up_image"; //up
   cubeMapFaceAsset[5] = "ueb:sky_day_01_down_image"; //down

singleton Material( sky_day_01_Mat )
   cubemap = sky_day_01_cubemap;


i couldnt find an example and and dug this up from the blank sky material in example module core ( i think ).

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