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Please get this rabid fanboy off my back


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Hey, guys.

I have been away for a few years and apparently someone with nothing better to do than cruise GitHub found an old project of mine for isolating the old keymap script in it's own file and making it easier to manage.  Somehow the guy got the idea that I'm "stealing" T3D... and that this project has something to do with UE.


If one of the Steering Committee could comment and let this madboy know what's up I'd really appreciate it.

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Hey dude, 

Good to hear from you again, glad you're doing well other than some undesireable comments on the ol' github.

And yeah, it looks like they're talking about the *.t3d file format.

How that's relevant to....anything is anyone's guess.

That said, if they keep going on about it I can comment as well to further back up the point.

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I just reported him to GitHub for trolling.  Dude refuses to read the README, let alone any of the code.

I'm not even sure that the tool is relevant.  Have you guys moved that keymapping chunk into its own file yet?  It was hidden in the middle of the optionsDlg.cs script and I always forgot where it was, which is why I made the tool to begin with.

I'm glad to see that Torque is still plugging along.

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