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[solved] Need help with Over-the-Shoulder Camera Resource in 3.x


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Hi, I'm trying to make the Over the shoulder Camera Resource work with T3D 3.x or 3.8 as posted here:


I followed everything and it builds fine, but running the level I get parse errors when entering any of the 4 new values added in datablocks/player.cs below

   cameraOffset = "0.4 0.4"; // offset from camera mount point
   cameraLag = 0.16; // Velocity lag of camera
   cameraDecay = 1.85; // Decay per sec. rate of velocity lag
   cameraMaxDist = 1.5;


appreciate any help, thanks.


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Thanks @Azaezel as I was supposed to post the error which is parse error on line.. and pointing to the line with the new variables,

surprisingly it worked this time around and I don't know why. Is there a cache thing of some sort?

Reading further down to that resource thread, there seems to be a multiplayer aspect of it.. how does that work?

and I suppose you can achieve the same over the shoulder (without the camera lag/delay) by just positioning the model on the side while the eye node stays at the same spot?




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no, there's no caching occurring for scripts unless you set it to generate .dso files.

haven't looked into that resource per-se, but the standard is look for pack/unpack methods and pass the variable along from server to client.

and yes, if you just want a fixed cam position, you can do just that by shifting the cam node in the model

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