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Hello looking for a script or something like this.


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Hello everyone, How would I go about making a script or adding code that will let me see my models before I place them in world. I'm just learning how to script, and I know c++ C# a little bit. I'm just the game designer and world developer, but one of or team is out sick for some time now and I just though it would be easy to see what I put done instead of placing them any where and If I dont wont that one I would have to delete it, is there an easy way to do this. I'm dealing with alot of models and its why to hard to just go and rename them all right but some day I will do it. Thank You :)

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If you just want to see them in the editor before placing them, it is relatively pointless. You should know your assets well enough to know what you are placing. What you could do is make a gallery level where you place all assets that exist next to each other, so you can see what is available. You could also make a prefab of it and add it to your current level, so you have a big palette of objects you can use, you can select objects and move them while holding shift, this will dublicate them.

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