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Animated Material/Decal Loses Precision - Particles DO NOT


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Back to whining about animated materials and their horrible loss of precision.

Except I noticed this does not happen when the same animated texture is used in an animated particle. Different rendering or different algorithm for computing cells? I did have a look into the C++ but rendering is gibberish to me.


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@JeffR yeah this used to be an issue when T3D was first done but then got a fix at some point - I just noticed it was back recently and loses precision quite quickly and does not clear-up/reset when loading new missions. But as I say, only with animated materials but not with animated texture particles.

Also the material animation is kinda crappy as it's a film strip (1 column X-axis) rather than an X-Y cell system which particles use.

Here's a link, includes decal and particle


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