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MegaMotion gets its very first tutorial video!


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Yup! Back from the dead, after a long hiatus in which I rewrote practically everything, to make it fit in better with Torque and update it all the dependencies. Not much useful content in this vid but I have a list of about ten more I'm about to make, that will get into all the actual features and tools.

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A: I don't know. (BAG and I amicably parted ways a couple of years ago due to distance and the fact that we ended up working on entirely different things.) Are they the CMU dataset? I may have given him a copy of my version of those at one point.

A full set of DSQ versions of those CMU mocaps (mapped to the old DAZ Michael4 skeleton) is also included with the MegaMotion download. At this point I should probably also mention that I have a free trial version available in case anyone here is interested. Sorry you have to go through a slightly annoying WooCommerce registration step in order to download it, I plan on getting rid of that step before I do a real launch. The only current difference between the free version and the paid version is the free version doesn't export to BVH, but I plan on adding a little nagware etc in the future, as well.

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