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AIPlayer is invisible on spawn (Not rendered)


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Yesterday, I have noticed that my AIPlayers are now invisible on spawn and they were working fine before. I spent most of the night trying to figure what I did wrong but couldn't find it. I'm not sure if it's related to something I changed or my port to latest T3D engine (maybe something changed that can affect that..). So today, I want to get it fix without spending all day on it so maybe I could start by asking if someone have an hint about what is happening..

At first I tought my AIPlayers were not spawning but I can see them in editor and I get the bounding box when I select them. Also, they are still moving around. I suspect some camera scripting changes I made. Is there something needed to be done on the camera to get a valid frustrum? Another suspicion was about the firstperson settings and renderFirstperson but my attempts didn't fix my issues.

I tried to debug but I'm not sure how to find what's wrong with the AIPlayer rendering. Should the AIPlayer call Player::prepRenderImage when rendering, if so, that never happen. Any debugging suggestion to find my issues would be appreciate...

So, if anyone have an idea about what is causing my issue, I'd like to here about it. Everything else is rendering fine, I only have issue with AIPlayer (I also tried different way to spawn them with all same result)

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Yup, I should... The problem is that I wasn't sure how to set a Git repo inside with Torque3D repo, might be time to learn about submodules or subtree.

I confirmed that my issue was script-side so I decide to start on a fresh base and keep track of my changes. For my previous scripts, I have started with the T3D Bones minimal setup and I think there's some stuff not up-to-date in it. (I had issues with ShaderData and maybe my issue is related to that...)

So now, I'm working on my own minimal script base and gonna add my project script carefully in it. And, I will commit every changes...

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