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3.10rc2: flyingVehicle particles not working


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Greets all:

Wondering if anyone out there has tested flyingVehicles with 3.10rc2. I have a added an aircraft model that has worked perfectly with every version from 1.1 to 3.8 to a new 3.10rc2 project using the Full template. Using only stock particles and without any changes to the code, I can mount the vehicle and it appears to behave correctly but the contrail and boost particles don't render. Anyone else tried this?

Note I have changed player.cs to allow mounting to flyingVehicles, and added a function to the vehicleMap in defaultBind.cs to enable $mvTrigger3 (which is 'turbo boost' for vehicles), but aside from that it's as close to stock as is possible. Particles don't render on Win7 Pro using D3D, nor on macOS using openGL.

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Hey Gibby,

I just tested this by implementing your resource and model, and was able to see the contrail and boost particles without issue one all 3 render APIs. The contrails are pretty translucent so they were harder to see, but they were there. I did this on devhead. Can you try grabbing devhead and double-checking there? If it's still not working, what platform are you running and any other computer details. As far as I can test on my end it all works without a hitch.

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Didn't realize you had to do an unmount-remount first.

When doing that, I can indeed replicate the issue. My tracking of it indicates that for some reason, when we mount-unmount-mount, the flying vehicle is set to not be in the processing list, so stuff like processTick and advanceTime aren't called. the advanceTime is what calls the particle effects.

I haven't had much luck in pinning down why regular wheeled vehicles are unaffected, and what's breaking for flying vehicle. It's something that'll need some more poking through to try and nail down.

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