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Start object editor navigation at art/shapes/*


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Wouldn't it be possible to start off the object editor on art/shapes/* folder?

When you want to place an item you normally have to select the meshes tab, then navigate to art and then navigate to shapes and then to the folder your models are in to place them.

This is having to navigate through two additional folders every time you want to place something, which can get very annoying over time, so I had the idea to start off the editor at that folder since in 99% you will need it there, but I cannot quite figure out how to do that yet, it is probably somewhere in here:


Maybe either always start it at art/shapes/* or use a pref variable to store the latest used path or store it in the settings.xml in tools/ folder like the other editor settings. Even if you need to navigate to a folder before that, you can still go back.

So what do you think? Is this a good idea or not?

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As mentioned in irc, it's not a bad idea(though it SHOULD try and default to the last directory you opened a shape from).

In 4.0, we're shifting to assets and the asset browser, so that'll skip out on needing to fuss on picking your way through the file browser every time and instead you just select through the asset browser. The asset has the actual file path info in it, so the end result should be less fussing about specific directories and files.

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