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Mouse keeps moving when stationary


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Doesn't sound like a familiar issue to me.

Can you try downloading 3.10 and seeing if it happens there as well? https://github.com/GarageGames/Torque3D/releases/tag/3.10

If it does, then I guess the next inquiry would be what platform are you on? Do you see this happen in any other games? Do you have a regular plug-and-play mouse? Or one that uses a custom driver/config solution?

You also mentioned it wanting to go up OR down. Does there seem to be a rhyme or reason to which direction it tries to go? Is it relative to how you moved the mouse beforehand?

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Thanks for the quick reply!

I'm on Windows 10, regular plug and play USB mouse (standard 3 button no frills thing), no issues with other games.

My system is:

Win 10

Core i7-6700HQ @ 2.6 Ghz

8 gig RAM

Intel HD Graphics 530/NVIDIA Quadro M1000M

I tried 3.10 and it doesn't have same issue, but the mouse feels slow - sort of laggy almost, like it's slewing rather than being very precise. I also had this graphical error (attached).

Also, yea it does seem to be related to the mouse movement. If I move the mouse very slowly, the mouse keeps traveling in that direction. It also does feel a little laggy, like in 3.10.


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Very odd. I've tested T3D on 4 separate machines and don't think I've run into this.

What's your framerate when this is happening? And what render API are you using? OpenGL? D3D9/11?(In regards to that render glitch)

Also, may be a silly question, but are your graphics drivers up to date?

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My framerate is pretty smooth, I think it was running Direct 3D 9, and I have not updated my drivers in awhile but they're probably a little outdated.

I'm on my laptop and I can't get Torque to kick over and use the AMD chip - it's stuck on the integrated card (no options in the drop down). Any ideas for that too?

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Usually that sort of thing is handled in the driver controller(adding application exceptions). There's a similar deal with the nVidia version of the mixed integrated/GPU setup, where you either have to exception the application, or submit your game to be added to their official whitelist/driver updates.

If it's similar to the deal with the nvidia thing, there should be a way to set it to default to the AMD gpu when launching certain applications in your driver controller.

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Hm...well I've downgraded down to Windows 7 on my desktop (specs below) and the mouse issue has gone away - not to mention the game is smooth as butter.

AMD FX-8500


Geforce GTX 560 Ti

So that seems to solve the issue for now I guess. :)

Hey JeffR, while I still have you...I want to use Torque to produce a realistic flight sim. Where should I post a request or advertisement or something?

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An oddball Win10 issue? That's annoying, heh. I don't have WIn10 on any of my machines currently, but I think Az does and he'd definitely have mentioned it if he had a sticking mouse issue. May just have been a driver going screwy and happened to conflict with something.

For the project inquiry: if you're hiring, there's the job board you can post some work bits for. Otherwise, you could PM @chriscalef as he's done some flight sim stuff as well, he's probably got some pointers for you.

In terms of starting points, it's not realistic, but it does fly and is a decent starting point to build off of, but @Gibby 's flying jet example would be a good place to jumpboard off of, here: http://forums.torque3d.org/viewtopic.php?f=23&p=7509#p7509

From there, you'd want to figure out just how realistic you want things to be. If we're talking deep-sim level like simulating how the surface shape influences the flight behavior, that's obviously way more in depth than merely replicating the correct general behaviors and principles.

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Re: Win10, I'm running it here and never saw any mouse issues like what you're describing. Other annoying things, certainly, but none with Torque so far.

Re: Flight simulators, like @JeffR said, it's all about how deep you want to go. I wanted to go deep, and I'm also lazy, ie old enough to realize I'm never going to have enough time to do everything in life I want to do, so highly resistant to taking on new wormholes if it's at all possible to avoid them. This line of reasoning led me to abandon any attempt at actually writing a flight simulator, and instead my attempts are all directed at taming the wild lovely beast called FlightGear (flightgear.org) which is everything I've ever dreamed of in a flight simulator, squared. What I ended up doing (not going to go into detail here, because I know I've done writeups on this already, will find them for you if interested) was hooking up a running instance of FlightGear to a running instance of Torque through a little networking library I wrote, and flying the plane through FlightGear but seeing the results in Torque.

This is admittedly weird, and not sellable as any kind of retail product as is, due to the unwieldiness of running both applications at once just to fly a plane in Torque. But my plan with it is to spend some time massaging FlightGear into invisibility by removing the window and the render, and having it exist only as flight dynamics system. There is already work going on within the flightgear project to modularize the program and make it easier to turn off whole sections of it, so I'm putting that part of my plans on the back burner for now while I see what happens over there. But all of my existing work in this direction is in my MegaMotion public build, on github (github.com/MegaMotion/Torque3D). Look in sim/dataSource/vehicleDataSource. My system is far from ready to use but it might be worth consideration, depending on your goals. To run it you need to use an xml file to tell the flightGear executable to stream out the data you need via UDP, let me know if you're interested and I'll look up the magic syntax.

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Hey guys! Sorry for the delay, thanks for the replies. :)

@JeffR - great example, I'll take a look at it!

@chriscalef - would love to see that stuff and talk to you about flight simulation. I'm no programmer but I do a lot of art! Please do send it my way!

I admit it's probably too early to start talking about making stuff, I'm still making the animatic for the trailer of the game I want to make.

I had a long post where I wrote out a sketch of a simulation structure for Torque (in English since I can't program) that I wanted to ask you guys about the difficulty of implementing, but the forum ate it, so I'll have to post it later. :)

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