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A few modules for the new template


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To kick things off a bit, got 2 modules for fun-and-learning use for the new template, now that it's been merged in!

The two modules are the Animated Main Menu Via Twillex module, or Twillex Module for short, drafted up by our fantastic Az. The other I hacked together quickly to show off the idea of a 3d menu background for the main menu.

The second one is still kinda WIP, so it probably breaks in some ways, but it should at least be enough to get the ideas flowing on that end.

You'll recognize these from the recent post in my workblog, showing off how easy it can be to drop in modules and go if they're set up for it. If you hadn't spotted it, here was the video again:


I'd encourage everyone to mess around with creating modules and if you've got any ideas for what would make good modules, or make one while testing stuff out, feel free to toss it in here, or make a resource thread about it.

I'll be making more modules to test out various things, such as modules that also have an associated custom editor or other neat tidbits to test/RnD various things, so expect those to show up here as well!



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Hi JeffR

Good ideas this modules, I think this need to be included. Like other game engines, they have some examples that anyone starting, can copy and learn from it.

Some other modules idea

- afx module :D

- platform/side scroller module

- RTS module (To close this chapter) :lol:

just the basic in this modules and it will be 10k in size or less...

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