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Hi guyz


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Now let me introduce myself :D

I'm a guy just landed in the gaming develop side of the world, altough I've been playing games all my life... (usual gamer bio goes here, press A to skip), so, after a long look into the world of the game engines and the current state of them. I decided to jump into Torque. (Fom an artist standpoint while I grasp the overall picture of C++)

Well as you probly noticed, I have created a new version of the logo. Why? Because is what I was doing the past 10+ years and is what I do best I think.

And before I elaborate about why the logo ended being this way, let me first of all, apologize for creating this out of the blue. Maybe I'm commiting heresy ruining the old-beloved-for-everyone almigthy Holy Blessed Torque logo, but this work was created with all respect about the open source community and its efforts. Take this thing as my personal contribution and sign of honest gratitude if nothing else.

This logo is created with free open source spirit, and tools and materials. Even the font (Jaapokki) is open source and free to use. Also I'm sharing all source project files for anyone to improve, look, destroy, etc. :twisted:

Onto Stuff:

  • The T is enlarged and disorted into a square shape, because Torque projects his rendered magic to the world manipulating square pixels.
  • The old "TTT" logo has been redone in Blender and now is presented in isometric view. Now it is also the "o" in the word torque.
  • The "TTT" symbol represents the 3D objects part of the engine, all the black letters represents the 2D objects.
  • The "Engine" word is an stylized underline.
  • The "G" in the engine word it is shaped to resemble a "refresh" symbol while points to an stylized user or developer. There's a number of reasons for this "refresh" symbology (new code, new forks, new lead members, new engine in town...), I'm sure you guys can come up with even more references. :mrgreen:
  • I intentionally leaved out the word "game", "2D", "3D" and such, because in my mind, I really believe Torque 2D and 3D engines will sooner or later, merge into the Torque "package". And besides that you can use Torque today for any kind of interactive visualization really.


As coding updates are coming along improving the technical side (so it seems), I did the same with what I know best: Graphic Design.

I tried to improve the look that people will form in their minds when they think about Torque. Because I feel Torque have a true chance to mature into a real alternative to the (paid and not free) big names.

Torque is after all a community-driven thing (it seems), so it was my intention to join in the best way possible. And this is, if not my contribution (if ppl says no), at least my gift so such awesome tool made by such awesome buch of people. This little thing of mine is just a suggestion I don't want to force my point of view. Now it's time to the community to get involved so we can create the best open source engine in the world. (well it already is!!) :lol:

pd. I didn't found any suitable place to put this topic, because this deals with brochure, not technical stuff, so if the thread doesn't belong here I'm sorry.



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Whoah! Hi there! Welcome to the community, and thanks for being so enthusiastic and making a contribution! I really, really like this logo. It's a lot more fun and welcoming than the 'trying to be cool' futuristic font, and the new angle on the 'three Ts' icon almost looks like a gear, which is appropriate! The issue is that GarageGames owns the logo and brand of Torque, so it's not really something we can just go changing without consulting them. Let's see if @GameDevMich checks his notifications, and has any comment about how GG might want to handle it if we collectively decided we wanted to rebrand!

What do you plan on making with Torque?

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Just had a chat with GraphicSynthesizer in IRC. First, I personally love the new logo/splash. I appreciate keeping it agnostic in regard to 2D/3D. Always makes me happy to see someone considering that. I'll have to talk to Eric about allowing it as an official commit, though, due to the whole legalese stuff involved. Other Torque users should go ahead and weigh in on what they think of the logo, in the mean time.

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I'm surprised there's not more response in here. Really? A new person comes along with an awesome proposal for a new logo that looks great? Silence? :?

I've always tried to make the distinction between 2D/3D clear when writing, for example, wiki materials, because I don't want to step on 2D's toes and act like Torque 3D is the only Torque. However it becomes more and more natural just to refer to it as Torque :P.

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