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Imposterization declinization


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Since using Torque I always wondered what word to use for the creating imposter process.

Here are some of my suggestions:

Imposter as verb:

To impost

To imposter

To impostere

To imposterize

Imposter as noun:

The impost

The imposter

The imposting

The impostering

The imposterizing

The imposterization

Imposter as adjective:





On the other hand the declination sounds to be relatively simple, I did some declinaiton for a case which I think sounds most correct:

Present singular:

I imposter

You imposter

He/she/it imposters

Present plural:

We imposter

You imposter

They imposter

Past is probably "impostered" for all cases

Future then probably all "will imposter"

So what do you think is the correct form?

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