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I am currently on the verge of acquiring a game made by torque. The game went dormant around 5.5 years ago. On my second attempt to purchase the game since then and I have been successful. I already have all the files to the game, just waiting for paperwork to transfer all rights to the game.

Upon receiving the files there where a few things missing.

1.Missing some of the code for actual game launcher

2.Missing some server admin stuff that makes the zones launch

3.Then the final piece missing was the pup abstraction layer and database, however 10 minutes later the owner found a database to use as a base to recreate

I already have a few people helping, but I'm looking for more people that have actual time and knowledge to dedicate, as of right now I don't have a lot of money as I am buying the game cash out, but I do have some. And once the Kickstarter is up after the deal is final all money will be going into development,

The goal is to fix the missing files, to get the game back to where it can be launched and start a closed beta for, bug/glitch fixes, any broken quests or issues through the game.

then I would like to focus on update, to the newest version of torque and update the models and textures inside the game to give it better graphics, after that we will be focusing on expansion as there is enough content in the game to keep people busy in beta, and there where a couple things not released before game went down. After closed beta, there will be an open beta for the people that allotted for it on Kickstarter, where we will hopefully get some more content in before game goes completely live to the public.

I have people that can hit every aspect of what I need done, but I need things done faster with people who have the time or, at least people who can a lot a decent amount of time.

Looking for people for all positions.

IM looking to put a solid team together and bring this game back to life, So if everything is successful then they will be permanent positions if you would like.

The game is called crowns of power if anyone would like to look it up there are a few old videos on youtube. The videos aren't the best quality but it is an overall great game, and would have made it bigger had it been led in the right direction

if you would like to get in touch with me and I don't reply to you on here, my email is stevenmclain347@gmail.com

looking to here from anyone who is interested or has questions!

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