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[release] debugger for torque script


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Hello lovely torque community!

I updated an old orphaned debugger for TorqueScript. The debugger works on

GNU/Linux and Windows. It is free/libre software released under the GPLv2

licence. You can get it from https://gitlab.com/andijh92/gtdb . It is in beta state. There

are some tiny issues. Restarting the game and the debugger often helps.

I hope you like it!



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I'm glad that you like it.

Now version 0.2 supports windows too. I tested it. There was also a security issue. Parameter files from untrusted source code lead to arbitrary code execution. I'm not sure if people really share debugger parameters, but It's fixed now.

Update: The fix didn't work.

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Yeah, even if a relatively uncommon case, probably a good idea to nip security issues like that in the butt :)


I'm not trying to be a grammar Nazi or anything and its not really grammar but an idiom. The phrase is "nip it in the bud" not "butt". Even though I think it is funny. I believe it just means destroy it before it even grows.

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