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size of terrain painter


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Hello Guys,

i have a question - like always :P

i want to paint a forestpath into my game. With just a Texture... but the size of the pencil is too big (i cant make it smaller - because its the smallest size "1") - in another map the pencil is smaller than in my actual Map (with the same size in settings). So i dont know why the pencil size is different from map to map?

Maybe you can help me?

Thanks a lot and nice day!


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At the right in the scene tree select theTerrain object and somewhere in the settings it says "square size" change that in case it is something else than 1.

You can also set the square size when you create or import a new terrain.

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On another note, if you want to have a path you might want to use some of the road tools, as they allow you more fine-grained control over how your path is shaped, and finer detail.

There should be a "decal path" which essentially just draws on top of the terrain.

I can't help you with how, as I haven't really used them but you might want to look at that option :)

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